Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Using Evernote in Education

So yesterday, I mentioned using Evernote to collect and organize your files electronically. I have an Evernote account and I have used it once or twice, but not to the extent that I probably should.

I decided to search for resources to help me better understand Evernote.  My search started with Richard Byrne at www.freetech4teachers.com.  Richard is an Evernote guru!  Actually, Richard is a tech guru and I learn a lot from on a daily basis!

Resources from Free Technology for Teachers:
- How to Use Evernote for Bookmarking and More
- Evernote in Education

My search continued at YouTube.  I found a series of videos from Teaching and Learning Centre on using Evernote.

Although this list is not extensive, it is a great start for learning what is possibly a new resource for you.

Teaching and Learning Centre - YouTube Videos

Do you have a great resource on how to use Evernote in education?  Please share it with us!


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