Tuesday, February 18, 2014

mobile learning on mobile devices - Kahoot!

With more district moving to BYOD and BYOT policies, it is becoming critical to provide cross platform resources and suggestions to teachers.  Training can no longer be on just one program but rather how multiple resources can help a specific concept or standard.

In this blog series, We are going to look at a few mobile learning resources that can be used across a variety of platforms.  The first one we will look at is Kahoot!  I first learned about Kahoot! at FETC.  I actually heard it mentioned in two different sessions, so I made sure to check it out immediately.

Teachers start by going to getkahoot.com and creating a free account.

Once you have registered, you can sign in and start creating your first quiz, discussion, or survey.

After you have titled the quiz, you can start adding questions.  Questions can include images and videos taken straight from YouTube.  You can adjust whether the question is worth points and how long the students have to answer.

After you have added questions, you are ready to play with the students. When you launch the quiz, students can join using the website kahoot.it and the game-pin code. This game-pin code will change for every quiz. As the students join, their names will appear on the screen.

The questions will appear on the computer screen and the students will answer using their device. 


Your competitive students will enjoy Kahoot! After each question, students are ranked based on the speed at which they answered.

Kahoot is a great resource for lower elementary students because of its simply design. Secondary classrooms can also benefit from Kahoot because of its cross platform ability.

Have you ever used Kahoot? What are you thoughts?


Amanda Robustelli-Price said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I have not used this app but look forward to trying it out. I like this idea of cross-platform apps, to make the BYOD and BYOT more effective (and easier) for students and teachers.

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