Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mississippi Common Core Collaboration

The MS Common Core Collaboration Group is about to turn one year old in April! This group is definitely a labor of love.  I know we are just beginning, but this group will have a huge impact on stakeholders finding and better understanding the Common Core State Standards.

The mission of the Mississippi Common Core Collaboration is the facilitate preparedness and ensure success in achieving the expectations established by the Common Core State Standards.

There are three ways to connect with the MSCCC.  LinkedIn, Twitter, and our resource website.

(1) MSCCC PLC on LinkedIn
There are current 1839 members on our PLC through LinkedIn. Members include teachers, administrators, state department employees, college instructors, and education groups. The PLC's main goal is to provide a place for members to get together and share/learn/grow on all things Common Core.  You do need a LinkedIn account to join, but that is free and easy to do. Click on the Link to check us out!

(2) MSCCC on Twitter
We know how awesome Twitter is on access PD 24/7.  That is why we are there! We share and search for resources and news articles that focus on better preparing teachers, students, and parents on the Common Core.  You can find us at @MSCCCollaborate.

(3) Mississippi Common Core Collaboration website
This site will be the go-to resource for Common Core. It is still a work in progress, but resources are added daily.  The current website address is The site allows you to search by standard to find resources.

If you are not an educator in Mississippi, its ok! We still encourage you to join this great group!


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