Monday, April 20, 2015

Anytime, Anywhere Learning .. with an iOS app

Podcast app by Apple

This one app can be a powerful anytime, anywhere learning tool for educators!

I began listening to Podcasts years ago. I started off with the Tech Chicks Tips podcast. I would always learn something new with every podcast. As I started to add other methods of personalized PD, podcasts fell off of my list, until recently!

I had heard about the BAM Radio Network on Twitter and participated (and lurked) in various Twitter chats, but never put the two together until I had to drive to Atlanta, GA .. by myself!


I sat in the Starbucks parking lot somewhere in Alabama and downloaded as many #edchat and #edtechchat podcasts as I could. For the rest of the drive I listened, I learned, and I talked to myself.

The #edtechchat and #edchat podcasts are not longer than 15 minutes and continue the conversation from the previous Twitter Chat.  During my drive, I listened to podcasts about parent involvement, Future Ready, and using Twitter as PD (or PL).

Podcasts have become a part of my personalized learning again.  I have recently added the #satchat podcast to my list. I can never seem to get up in time for that weekly chat!

So, where can you go to find these 15 minute jewels??  You can go to the BAM Radio Network's website or do a search on the Podcast app on your idevice.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Share with us!

Eva Harvell


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