Friday, May 13, 2016

Swimming in a Sea of Blog Posts

There are so many great edtech blogs and bloggers, that you can quickly feel overwhelmed.  You could bookmark every blog, but what fun is that? 

I was a Google Reader user, but alas Google discontinued the service and I had to find another way to organize and curate all of the blogs and bloggers I follow.  That is where Feedly came in!

Feedly allows you to organize all of your blogs into one location. You can group blogs into collections.  For example, I currently have two collections - admin blogs and education resources.

You can change how the blogs appear on the screen. I like having them in chronological order.  You can also click on a specific blog and view a list of those blog posts.

To add a blog, you simply click on the "Add Content" button and type in the blog URL.  From there, you can select which collection or group you want this blog to be apart of.

Blog posts can also be shared out via Twitter and Facebook (just two examples) within Feedly. I frequent the share to Twitter so I can share what I'm reading with the PLN.

This is just scratching the surface of Feedly!  This is a great resource curate and share out blog posts. Check it out!


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