Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CE14 ~ Day 1

Although I haven't personally heard it in a while, I think "You are only as strong as your weakest link" is a phrase that administrators and educators can relate to. The ASCD theme for October 1-10, Educator Observations, fits in with this phrase.  When conducting classroom observations, administrators can see the strengths and weaknesses of their faculty and staff. This information is vital for improving student and school performance. Several states are implementing teacher observation procedures and evaluation forms, but this shouldn't stop you from conducting evaluations and observations your school and staff need to grow. In my district, for example, administrators use a short observation forms when they conduct classroom checks through out the day.  These short observation forms were created using a Google Form. This allows the administrator to keep a live, running document of the observations conducted.

Are you a connected educator? Better yet, how do you know if you are a connected educator? Connected educators are connected to the world around them. Connected educators use social media to connect with others, collaborate on projects and learning opportunities, and construct new connections within their current teaching tools and resources. Connected educators share their knowledge with others. Connected educators blog, tweet, pin, and present what they know and learn so that others can do the same.

The Connected Educators website provides a list of books that will spark your excitement about being a connected educator.



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