Thursday, March 28, 2013

I should have recorded that...

Have you ever taught a great Common Core lesson/activity and wished later you would have recorded it?  Well, we wish you would have recorded it too!

There are several ways you can record yourself or just your lesson for sharing purposes.

(1) Swivl -
The Swivl is a great device I came across while watching an App Smackdown session from the Tech&Learning Tech Forum in March 2013. The camera, in a nutshell, connects to your IOS device and records a video including voice of you and whatever is behind you. The video can then be shared via YouTube, iTunes U, and just saved to your computer for later use.

(2) Jing and Screencast-O-Matic
These are just two examples of ways you can create a screencast or video of whatever is on your desktop. You can create a screencast to model or teach a concept to your students. Perhaps you want to explain how students can perform a search on KidRex or NetTrekker, a screencast will allow you to make a reference students can use over and over again. You can also create a screencast on how to solve a two-step word problem using one of the resources above and your IWB software.  The ways and ideas are numerous!

Jing can be downloaded from on both PC and iMac.  Jing will allow you to create a 5 minute movie for free. Five minutes is a lot of time if you really think about it. Movies can then be uploaded to for further sharing.

Screencast-O-Matic is a website that allows you to create a movie that can be saved to your computer or shared. (

(3) ShowMe, EduCreations, ScreenChomp, Explain Everything
These are four examples of iPad apps that allow you to create screencasts on your IOS device and share out to others. Each program has its pros and cons, including how the screencast can be created and how it is shared. Educreations, for example, wants you to create an account for sharing. The screencasts you create can be private, if needed.




Explain Everything

Now that the lesson/activity is scheduled, you do you do?  You SHARE IT!

If you want to share these with your students, create a reference folder through DropBox or Google Drive that contains all of the screencasts. This allows the students to have access to those reference materials.

If you want to share these with other teachers (which we want you to do) then you could create a blog or an iTunes U account.

As teachers around the US are continuing to understand the Common Core State Standards, we need to band together and learn/share with each other.


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