Thursday, March 21, 2013

the power of Google Drive

I was able to witness something awesome all because of my PLC on Twitter!

Around 1:00pm on March 20th, I saw this tweet come across my screen.

I had to click on the link and help show this class how Google Docs (now Google Drive) works! What I saw amazed me!

power_of_Google_Drive (click to see the video)

That one minute video is powerful! It shows how people from around the world can easily collaborate together on a single document. So many people were trying to access the document at one time, that some had to wait to comment because of the collaboration limits.

The class watching all of this unfold was a class of third graders .. YES THIRD GRADERS! These students got to see not only how multiple people can collaborate on a single document, but how awesome a PLC can be!

So, how can this collaboration benefit my classroom? The word "collaboration" is mentioned in the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts 14 times. The word "collaborate" is mentioned nine times.

Allowing your students to work on presentations and documents on Google Drive provides them the means to work collaboratively with other students - other students in the classroom, school, district, state, country, world! That is powerful!

This experience also benefited the teachers and professional who participated in this project. We were able to grow our PLC! Now I have more experts that I can learn from on a daily basis.

Do you use Google Drive? Talk about it! Share your experiences!


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